Soaring to New Heights: LuxLiving’s Prominent Role in Redefining Kansas City’s Skyline

Soaring to New Heights: LuxLiving’s Prominent Role in Redefining Kansas City’s Skyline

Architectural rendering of LuxLiving's future 27-story high-rise in downtown Kansas City, showcasing a blend of modern luxury apartments and premium hotel rooms, set against a vibrant urban backdrop.

Exciting times are on the horizon for us at LuxLiving and for the vibrant community of downtown Kansas City! Our dedication to not just building, but crafting living spaces has found a new canvas in the heart of the city, where we are thrilled to embark on a journey to create a towering 27-story high-rise — a blend of luxurious apartments and premium hotel rooms set to elevate the living and travel experience in Kansas City.

As we step into this nearly $200 million project, our blueprint envisions replacing an acre of former parking and garage remnants with an architectural masterpiece that not only enhances the skyline but also brings 300 apartments — including 60 designated affordable studios — and 200 hotel rooms to the thriving urban core of Kansas City. This, paired with the notable approval from the City Council, propels us forward, even as the project navigates through further incentive approvals.

Strategically positioned northeast of 14th and Wyandotte streets, our development isn’t merely about constructing a building; it’s about contributing to a growing residential allure, now home to 32,276 individuals and counting. The endeavor also comes with a keen awareness and enthusiasm for the rippling positive economic impacts, such as the expected surge in values from nearby projects like the impressive $217.2 million South Loop Link park.

Being integral parts of shaping city skylines and creating homes is what we live for at LuxLiving. As we pour our expertise and passion into this project, we invite you to join us on this exciting venture and witness how we, together with the vibrant spirit of Kansas City, redefine urban living and skylines.

Dive deeper into the details and discover more about our high-rise project in the full article here.

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