Lux Living's Privacy Policy for Amazon Alexa

Read below for the full privacy policy regarding Lux Living's use of Amazon Alexa.

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Privacy Policy

 A4% Move-in FAQs

1. What can I do with Alexa when I move in?

You will immediately be able to use Alexa to control supported smart home devices, set timers and alarms, and ask for news, weather, and sports information. When you speak to Alexa, a recording of what you asked Alexa is sent to Amazon’s cloud so we can process and respond to your request.

2. How do I link my Amazon account?

Your property manager will provide you with specific instructions on how to get started with your new smart home. You will also find instructions in your property or smart home provider’s app or website that will direct you to Amazon’s account linking portal. There you will be prompted to login with your Amazon account, and you can confirm that you want to link your property or smart home provider account and enable your smart home provider’s skill.

3. What can I do once I link my Amazon account?

Once you have linked your Amazon account, you will be able to listen to your music playlists, add items to your shopping list, call friends and family, and use other Alexa features. You will also be able to control and manage the device provided by the property in your Alexa app alongside any other Alexa-enabled devices you may own. In the Alexa app you will be able to create and modify routines and smart home groups, enable and link skills, modify device settings, create blueprints, manage your privacy settings, review your voice history, use calling and drop-in features, and more. Learn more about Alexa.

4. Will I be able to use my own Alexa-enabled device?

Yes, you will be able to use your own Alexa-enabled device as you normally would. If you link your Amazon account to the managed Alexa-enabled device, your smart home provider’s skill will be enabled on your Amazon account which will enable you to control your smart home devices with Alexa on all the Alexa-enabled devices you own.

A4R Privacy FaQs

5. How does Alexa protect my privacy?

Alexa and Echo device are designed with multiple layers of privacy protection, from microphone and camera controls to the ability to view and delete your voice recordings. To learn more about the features that provide transparency and control over your Alexa experience, visit the Alexa Privacy Hub.

6. Can the property staff, manager, or smart home provider, listen to my Alexa voice recordings?

No, the property staff, management, or smart home provider will not have access to your Alexa voice recordings.

7. Can the property owner, manager, or smart home provider access my Amazon account?

No, the property staff, management, or smart home provider will not have access to your Amazon account.

8. Is Alexa storing my voice recordings?

When the managed device provided by the property is not linked to your Amazon account, voice recordings will be deleted within 24 hours. If you have linked the device to your Amazon account, you can use the privacy settings you’ve chosen for your account. Please visit Settings > Alexa Privacy in the Alexa app or to manage your voice recording settings.

9. Can I review and delete my voice recordings?

When you link your Amazon account to a managed device, you can review voice recordings associated with your account and delete the voice recordings one by one, by date range, by Alexa-enabled device, or all at once by visiting Settings > Alexa Privacy in the Alexa app or You can also choose to have your voice recordings older than 3 or 18 months deleted automatically, or enable the ability to delete your recordings by voice. Once enabled, you can delete the voice recording of your last request by saying “Alexa, delete what I just said” or you can delete all the voice recordings from your account for the day by saying “Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

10. What are some of Alexa’s privacy features?

We’ve built in multiple layers of privacy protections:
a. Wake word: By default, your Echo device does not stream audio to the cloud until it detects the wake word, usually “Alexa.” When you want to use Alexa, just say the wake word.
b. Microphone controls: Using Alexa is optional. Echo devices are equipped with a microphone off button. When the button is pressed, the power to the microphones is disconnected and a dedicated red light is illuminated. When the microphones are turned off, your device cannot record and stream audio to the cloud, even when you say the wake word.
c. Indicators: When Echo devices detect the wake word or when the Action button available on some Echo devices is pressed to activate Alexa, a visual indicator appears on the device to indicate that the device is recording your request to stream to the cloud. For instance, a light ring on the Echo will turn blue or a blue bar will appear on Echo Show.
d. All of your interactions with Alexa are encrypted in transit to Amazon’s cloud where they are securely stored.

A4R Move-Out FAQs

11. Can I take the device with me when I move out?

Please inquire with your property manager.

12. How do I unlink my Amazon account when I move out?

There are multiple ways to unlink your Amazon account from the device provided by your property.
a. Go to your property or smart home provider’s app or website, click on the Alexa button in the app which will take you to Amazon’s account linking portal. On that page you will be able to unlink the device from your account.
b. Go to in your internet browser to access Amazon’s Alexa for Residential account linking portal. There you will be able to unlink the device from your account.
c. Contact your property manager or smart home provider.

13. I have one or more roommates, how can we both use Alexa with our Amazon accounts?

At this time only one Amazon account can be linked to the device at a time.

14. What happens if I move out but my roommate wants to continue using Alexa?

If you are moving out but one or more of your roommates is staying, you can unlink your Amazon account. Once you have done this, your roommate has the option to link their own Amazon account.

15. I accidently unlinked my Amazon account. Can I link it again?

Yes, if your smart home provider account is still active you can relink your Amazon account by going into the property or smart home provider’s app or website and following the account linking steps again.

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