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Read the guide below to help learn how to use all of the amazing Alexa features in your apartment!


Welcome to Lux Living!

Quick Guide to Linking Your Amazon Account to Amazon Alexa

Have your Wi-Fi password, Amazon App, and Room Number Info Ready

Next, ensure that the Property Management Team has the same email that you registered with Amazon and that your Amazon Account is currently logged in on the App

Download the Amazon Alexa App using the links below or directly through the App Store ( Apple Products) or Google Play (Windows)

“Insert Links”

Once the Amazon Alexa App has been successfully installed, you will be prompted with a few user preference questions as you follow the on-screen instructions to quickly set-up the account. If you have previously used an Amazon Device, please proceed to the next steps.


Please do NOT add/ connect the Amazon Alexa in your room manually.

Scanning the QR Code allows the Amazon Alexa App to be directly linked with your Amazon account after “Luxliving Skills” have been enabled after linking the account

After enabling “Luxliving Skills” you may start using Alexa to assist you with daily tasks just by simply prompting with ” Hey Alexa, open Luxliving” before each command.

Need help with Alexa Setup?

Here is the step-by- step instructions on how to set up your Echo device?

Watch this easy how-to 5minute video. ” Insert Video”

In the beginning, Amazon Alexa will only ask you once for the room number and building location of your property, please ensure the right information is given.



Popular commands used with Amazon Alexa

Reserve Amenities ( Golf Room Lounge)

User: I would like to reserve the golf room at “time” “date”

Alexa: Yes it is open, would you like me to request a reservation for you? / ( Golf lounge is not available, the closet time is ” ” does that work? )

User: Yes, please confirm

Alexa: Sure, please let me know how many people will be attending?

User: “Number”

Alexa: “Great, I will send you terms and conditions to your phone/email to complete, once accepted the Property Manager will send you key code to the room. Happy Golfing!”

Limitations: Less than 15 people, 2 hour reservation maximum


Pay Rent ( Uses Amazon Pay, ensure that a debit card or credit card is on file on Amazon App)


User: “Pay my rent”

Alexa: ” Sure, please provide the amount?”

User: ” Amount”

Alexa: “You would like to pay “Amount”, is that right?”

User: “Yes”

Alexa: ” Amazon Pay will be used for the payment, ‘Amount’ will be paid”


File (Service) Maintenance Order


User: “File a maintenance order” or ” Contact Maintenance”

Alexa: “Please leave your message now”

User: “My pipe is leaking” or any other issues encountered in apartment

Alexa: ” Request sent”


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